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Special blends available upon request!



Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch is a favorite top dresser for flower beds with its uniform texture and color. It retains moisture better than hardwood mulches.

Double or Triple Ground/Classic Mulch

Dark and natural brown in color; with an even, triple ground texture.

Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch
Shredded Aged Hardwood Mulch

A local favorite, this product comes from lumber mills in Alabama, and Mississippi. Before wood processing, the bark is literally stripped off the tree, leaving a beautiful, light, and low in cellulose product. Coveted for its texture and color.

Earthy colored and textured mulch that results from extended aging.

Our Economy Mulch - is long lasting and light brown in color.

Premium Hardwood Mulch - Light & Dark Brown

Colored with vegetable dyes that are safe for the environment. Available in Light Brown and Dark Brown. This mulch retains it's color and moisture while acting as a weed barrier.



Garden Mix

Recommended for new raised vegetable and flower beds. A 50/50 Blend of Topsoil & Superfine Compost.


Pine Bark Fines

A designer blend of fully composted organic matter (leaves, grass, brush) and pine bark chips, makes a fantastic mulch. A medium coarse product screened to 5/8".

Regular Compost
Superfine Compost

A mainstay in our compost lineup. Fully composted and screened to 3/8". A fabulous soild amendment or topdressing. 

Wonderful top dressing that holds moisture and minerals and is screened to 3/4".


Blended Soil/Golf Course Mix
Top Soil - Pulverized

Mother nature's very own creation. Pulverized and screened. 

An even blend of Top Soil, Screened Compost and Sand that is ideal for planting beds and gardens.  This blend enhances drainage in heavy clay soils.

Other Products Available

Torpedo Sand

#9 CA6 Virgin Stone

cedar mulch

peat moss

playground mulch

river rock

bagged leaf and compost

**specialty blends available upon request**

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